1/6 Committee Gets Key Evidence As John Eastman Caught On Tape Admitting His Memo Was A Coup

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John Eastman tried to publically disavow his 1/6 memo, but helium was caught connected portion calling it legally coagulated and criticizing Mike Pence for not going on with it.

John Eastman Stands By His Memo And Admits That It Was The Map For The Coup


EXCLUSIVE: Author of Jan 6 coup memo John Eastman told america Mike Pence didn't instrumentality his coagulated ineligible proposal & overturn the predetermination bc Pence is "an constitution guy"

(He antecedently told @NRO the memo was not “viable” and would person been “crazy” to pursue.)

Stay tuned for Part 2. pic.twitter.com/RQeUceH1bn

— Lauren Windsor (@lawindsor) October 26, 2021

Eastman’s Admission Did Not Go Unnoticed By The 1/6 Committee

1/6 Committee subordinate Rep. Adam Kinzinger responded to this video with 2 words:

Coup effort https://t.co/oPi6wNC5k5

— Adam Kinzinger (@AdamKinzinger) October 27, 2021

John Eastman Calls The Memo Legally Solid And Criticizes Pence For Blocking The Coup

Eastman calls the memo that helium publically disavowed “legally solid” and said that Mike Pence is an constitution Republican who bought into a myopic view. Eastman besides claimed that determination is an uprising successful the hinterlands and that Trump is retired to destruct the DC Republican Party.

According to Eastman, the lone happening that prevented the 1/6 coup from being palmy was Mike Pence not going on with the plot.

Sidney Powell has claimed that the program was for Pence to garbage to certify the election, Kevin McCarthy to record an entreaty to the Supreme Court wherever Justice Alito would artifact certification of the election, which would nonstop it backmost to the authorities legislature delegations, which Republicans person a bulk and could support Trump successful power.

The 1/6 Committee was already going to subpoena John Eastman, and present they person an admittance connected portion that his memo was a coup roadmap. The information that the coup plotters can’t look to enactment quiet is helping the 1/6 Committee get almighty grounds of Trump’s coup.

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