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Malort hand sanitizer and candles of kindness: How Chicagoans are living through the coronavirus pandemic Tuesday

In the days since Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s issued an order to stay at home, Chicagoans have come together to fight the coronavirus in inspiring ways.
Manufacturers like KOVAL Distillery and breweries have swapped beer and bourbon for making hand sanitizer and other necessary equipment. Local crafters are sewing face masks, and theater companies and TV shows are donating medical supplies originally bought as props.
Like the rest of the world, Chicago News land is making its way through this, one day at a time.
Along with the latest news updates and a running list of Chicago-area closings and cancellations, the Tribune is taking a look at how our day-to-day lives are changing.
Here are the latest updates Tuesday on how we’re living in the time of Chicago COVID-19

The face of Chicago’s fight against a pandemic, Dr. Allison Arwady, remains accessible in difficult times

In a demanding job during an unprecedented time, Dr. Allison Arwady has become the voice of reason, empathy, and insight for many in Chicago, fielding questions from a concerned public in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
Arwady, 43, commissioner at the Chicago Department of Public Health, also has become a daily presence in the lives of local residents. In regular Facebook Live segments she calls “Ask Dr. Arwady,” she patiently and thoroughly answers questions on everything from basics about the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 to good social distancing practices and cleaning tips, while dispelling myths and misconceptions. Chicago Medical News
She also addresses the press often, explaining the spread of the virus in the city and what the public can do to protect against it.
Talking to the Tribune in the early stages of the pandemic, as Chicago began to count the first couple of confirmed cases of COVID-19, Arwady said she felt lucky to have had experiences fighting outbreaks all over the world as she took on a new one locally.
“This is what I do,” she said. “This is the work I’m most interested in doing in the world.”.

Messages of thanks left for Lake Forest doctors were welcome sight: ‘Many hearts are grateful

After what surely has been a series of long day after long day, health care workers at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital were greeted by something special as they walked to their cars Monday. Chicago Political News
About 40 of their cars had colorful messages of thanks carefully tucked behind windshield wipers.
“Many hearts are grateful because we have helpers like you,” read a message written on bright pink paper. “Thanks for all you do!”
“We appreciate you helping us,” said another. “Keep up the good work and stay safe.”
The mystery letter writers adorned their notes with hearts and colorful lettering, and their messages were very appreciated by their recipients, said hospital spokeswoman Jill Edgeworth. Chicago Distribution Service

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