Biden DOJ Sues Texas For Voting Map That Discriminates Against Blacks And Latinos

1 month ago 22

The Justice Department has sued Texas for a 2nd clip successful a period implicit a caller predetermination representation that discriminates against Latinos and different minorities.

Via: The Wall Street Journal:

“Texas’ caller redistricting plans volition dilute the accrued number voting spot that should person developed from these important demographic shifts,” Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta said successful announcing the lawsuit. “These redistricting plans volition diminish the opportunities for Latino and Black voters successful Texas to elite their preferred representatives, and that is prohibited by national law.”

While the DOJ needs to bash much astir 1/6 and Trump incited home terrorism, 1 country wherever they person been precise beardown nether Merrick Garland is voting rights.

The world is that the DOJ needs much ineligible tools successful their toolbox, and Congress tin supply them by passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. AG Garland has a large occupation successful rebuilding a Department of Justice that was hollowed out, politicized, and near successful ruins by Donald Trump, but actions similar the suit against Texas are an illustration of however the DOJ is moving to support rights, adjacent if they aren’t moving arsenic rapidly arsenic immoderate deliberation they should connected different issues.

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