Boy, 11, swimming sensation competes on big stage

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -The long-awaited Olympic games statesman aboriginal this week! But the Paralympic games volition beryllium held adjacent period successful Tokyo and there’s a young jock successful Madison who mightiness beryllium determination 1 day.

11-year-old Bowen Ketarkus has been grooming astatine Madison’s Westside Swim Club for years. All of that signifier is paying disconnected arsenic helium competes successful the Move United Junior Nationals for Paralympic athletes successful Denver, Colorado this week.

“I was with him the archetypal twelvemonth helium was present erstwhile the archetypal extremity was getting him done a 25 (meter) aquatics and we weren’t definite however that summertime would spell and present he’s similar wholly crushing it,” said Westside Swim Club caput manager Susi First.

“Bowen is simply a large athlete, successful a holistic sense, helium wants to beryllium a portion of the team, he’s ace coachable,” said his ma Becky. “His changeable is present what I would telephone smooth.”

Bowen was calved with the astir communal signifier of dwarfism called Achondroplasia. His information tin marque it challenging to execute definite strokes successful the pool.

“His caput and torso are mean size -- similar an mean 11-year-old -- but his arms and legs are shorter truthful that makes it much hard to aquatics strokes legally,” said Becky.

Despite his carnal limitations successful the pool, Bowen conscionable kept swimming and ne'er gave up.

“He has been present with the coaches since time one. They cognize Bowen, he’s conscionable similar each different kid successful the water, they propulsion him to bash the champion helium tin do,” added Becky.

Even though he’s recovered plentifulness of occurrence successful the pool, Bowen is conscionable your mean 11-year-old 5th people boy. He enjoys swimming due to the fact that helium gets to socialize with his champion friends.

“I similar hanging retired with my friends due to the fact that they are bully to maine and they marque maine laughter and I marque them laugh, too,” helium said.

Bowen’s years of dedication to the athletics person already paid off. He competed successful this contention successful the past and brought location 3 medals.

“He works hard and you tin tell, you tin spot it successful his stroke,” said First. “I’m precise proud.”

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