Brady roasts Trump in Buccaneers White House visit

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Tom Brady embraced his interior comedian to present jokes astatine aged person Donald Trump's disbursal Tuesday erstwhile helium and the Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers visited President Joe Biden astatine the White House, the archetypal sojourn by the reigning NFL champions since 2017.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion who erstwhile was talented a "Make America Great Again" chapeau from Trump that helium displayed successful his locker astatine Gillette Stadium compared those backing Trump's mendacious assertion that helium won the 2020 predetermination to radical who couldn't judge the underdog Buccaneers bushed the Kansas City Chiefs.

"Not a batch of radical deliberation that we could person won, and successful information I deliberation astir 40 per cent of the radical inactive don't deliberation we won," Brady said. "You recognize that, Mr. President?"

"I recognize that," Biden responded.

Brady besides played disconnected Trump's derisive "Sleepy Joe" nickname for Biden erstwhile talking astir a clip helium forgot what down it was.

"I mislaid way of 1 down successful 21 years of playing, and they started calling maine 'Sleepy Tom,'" Brady said with a grin. "Why would they bash that to me?"

It was Brady's archetypal sojourn since 2005 with the New England Patriots erstwhile George W. Bush was successful office. Brady has won the Super Bowl during 4 antithetic administrations but skipped visits by the Patriots successful 2015 with Barack Obama and 2017 with Trump. The Patriots arsenic a squad chose not to be aft winning successful 2019.

Brady was beforehand and halfway this time, 1 of 42 Bucs players accompanying Biden, manager Bruce Arians and proprietor Bryan Glazer to the ceremony, which included much than conscionable his jokes. There was immoderate pointed governmental commentary from Arians and a propulsion from the president for players to get vaccinated against the coronavirus if they hadn't already.

Arians rapidly shifted from extolling his Buccaneers' guiding principles of "trust, loyalty, and respect" that focused the squad connected "one team, 1 cause" to taking an indirect excavation astatine Republican lawmakers connected Capitol Hill who person opposed elements of the president's agenda.

"I anticipation the Senate and the House commencement helping you," Arians said to Biden. "One team, 1 cause."

Biden was presented with the accepted acquisition of a No. 46 jersey — which Glazer said was due since Tampa Bay is heading into its 46th play arsenic a franchise. With the prima beating down successful the precocious morning, Biden told players to instrumentality their suit jackets disconnected pursuing a radical picture, but those successful attendance adjacent to the Lombardi Trophy didn't mind.

"I cognize the guys really, truly enjoyed it, adjacent with the heat," said Arians, who's anxious for the Buccaneers to get their Super Bowl rings Thursday and determination connected to adjacent play with grooming campy opening adjacent week.

"I conscionable told them it's different enactment day. We got to get a workout successful today, truthful lasting successful the sun's a bully one."

Before baking successful the sun, players Donovan Smith and Bradley Pinion from the team's societal justness committee met with Vice President Kamala Harris to speech astir voting rights, a taxable the Buccaneers person prioritised.

U.S. President Joe Biden laughs arsenic backmost Tom Brady jokes portion speaking arsenic the 2021 NFL Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers are welcomed to the South Lawn of the White House (Getty)

"It feels similar it gives america validity oregon the value of immoderate of the worldly that we were doing successful Tampa, particularly astir voting and getting radical to vote," violative lineman Ali Marpet said aft the ceremony. "As an organisation we're truly trying to beryllium leaders successful (that area), and that was a large constituent of accent for her."

Talking astir however astir 200,000 vaccine doses were fixed retired astatine Raymond James Stadium — the Buccaneers' location and wherever they won the Super Bowl — Biden turned to dozens of players down him and said: "If you don't person a shot, get one, OK? Get one, get one, get one. You're redeeming lives, helping america get backmost to our lives and our loved ones."

Biden besides lauded NFL efforts to beforehand COVID-19 vaccinations.

White House property caput Jen Psaki did not straight reply erstwhile asked if the Buccaneers provided accusation connected which squad attendees were vaccinated.

Over fractional of their traveling enactment of players coached and unit has been afloat vaccinated, and portion 10 NFL teams arsenic of Friday had reached the 85 per cent threshold it's unclear if Tampa Bay was 1 of them.

Biden successful his prepared remarks singled retired receiver Chris Godwin, similar himself Pennsylvania-born and Delaware-raised, who helium spoke with earlier the Super Bowl.

"I wasn't expecting it, truthful it decidedly took maine by surprise," Godwin said afterward.

"He gave maine a telephone the time earlier the Super Bowl, and I was shocked then. We chatted, had a five-10-minute talk, talked astir Delaware a small spot and helium wished maine bully luck. That was an honour for me. Then helium was benignant capable to nonstop maine a missive afterwards congratulating maine connected the triumph and congratulating the team."

As the oldest idiosyncratic to go president, Biden compared himself to Brady being the oldest backmost and Arians the oldest manager to triumph it all.

"You won't perceive immoderate jokes astir that from me," helium said. "As acold arsenic I'm concerned, there's thing incorrect with being the oldest feline to marque it to the mountaintop."

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