'Bull-etin Board' debuts on WGN News Now Thursday

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Posted: Jan 27, 2022 / 05:34 PM CST / Updated: Jan 27, 2022 / 05:34 PM CST

CHICAGO – For the archetypal clip successful a fig of years, the Bulls are applicable successful the National Basketball Association again.

With a caller beforehand office, caput coach, and a fig of caller players, the squad has recovered it’s mode backmost towards the apical of the Eastern Conference and is successful bully signifier to extremity a five-year postseason drought. Some are hoping that this radical nether the enactment of Billy Donovan and a fig of established stars could bash adjacent much travel the spring.

We’ll beryllium covering each measurement of the mode this play connected WGN News Now’s “Bull-etin Board,” a amusement that provides a wrap-up of the Bulls’ quality for a peculiar week. We’ll person a fig of unsocial segments that diagnostic immoderate of the main storylines for a fixed week on with a small societal media amusive arsenic well.

To ticker the archetypal variation of the “Bull-etin Board” with Larry Hawley connected Thursday, click connected the video above.



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