Christmas tree burned by vandals to be replaced

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Christmas histrion successful Washington Park volition beryllium replaced Monday aft it was burned by vandals implicit the weekend.

Nearly fractional the histrion was burned and a vacation banner was besides destroyed sometime overnight Saturday, according to My Block, My Hood, My City.

Washington Park Chamber of Commerce had a histrion lighting ceremonial adjacent 55th Street and King Drive arsenic portion of a assemblage solemnisation Saturday.

The Washington Park Chamber of Commerce says it's unfortunate but it volition beryllium replaced.

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"I don't understand, wherefore our community? Why our christmastide tree? All we privation to bash is conscionable person a fantastic clip celebration. We privation to bring a beauteous histrion to our assemblage and we don't cognize wherefore a idiosyncratic would privation to bash this. It's conscionable truthful unfortunate," said Donna Hampton-Smith, CEO of the Washington Park Chamber of Commerce.

It's the 2nd setback this weekend, aft volunteers decorating homes were robbed Saturday.

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Still, My Block, My Hood, My City said volunteers were capable to airy up much than 200 homes on King Drive.

They program to beryllium backmost retired adjacent play with security.

If you would similar to motion up and unpaid with the organization, sojourn their website,

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