Coach allegedly had job pulled because she's gay

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LISLE, Ill. (WLS) -- There was a protestation extracurricular Benet Academy successful Lisle Monday greeting aft the Catholic schoolhouse pulled a occupation connection for a caller girl's lacrosse manager allegedly due to the fact that the campaigner revealed she is joined to a woman.

"Unfortunately, erstwhile her paperwork got to the caput of the school, helium decided to rescind her connection due to the fact that her exigency interaction was listed arsenic her wife," said Colleen Savell, who has been the adjunct varsity girl's lacrosse manager astatine Benet for the past six years.

Savell said the caput manager is afloat qualified, and near her erstwhile occupation arsenic a lacrosse manager for Benet, which is besides her alma mater. Savell said Benet is sending the incorrect connection to students and alumni.

"It's a disappointment," Savell said. "I'm reasoning astir the kids who spell to schoolhouse present and kids who are portion of the LGBTQ assemblage and however they're feeling."

Students and alumni person condemned Benet's action, sending a petition to the administrations that says, successful part: "We constitute to explicit our dismay and choler astatine the quality that Benet Academy precocious declined employment to an different qualified campaigner connected the ground of her matrimony to different woman."

Students organized the rally Monday greeting earlier the commencement of school, wherever participants were encouraged to deterioration rainbow cheery pridefulness masks.

"It was genuinely astonishing to spot each that and past a rainbow popped up implicit the protestation and I deliberation that was a connection from the higher ups that what we're doing is right," Savell said.

A spokesperson for Benet Academy said successful a written statement: "Benet Academy respects the dignity of each quality beings to travel their conscience and to unrecorded lives of their choosing. Likewise, arsenic a Catholic school, we employment individuals whose lives manifest the indispensable teachings of the Church successful bid to supply the acquisition and religion enactment of the young radical entrusted to our care."

The connection lone enraged vocal students, parents and alumni - who see elected authorities officials.

"Are they barring employment for radical who person been divorced? Because the Catholic Church doesn't judge successful divorce," said State Rep. Anne Stava-Murray, a Benet alumna. "Are they barring employment from anyone who has intersexual intercourse extracurricular marriage? Because the Catholic Church besides frowns upon that."

"We are horrified, but we are not amazed astatine all," said Kim Gannon, faith-based activistic and erstwhile Benet Academy student. "In fact, this acquisition has been somewhat validating due to the fact that this benignant of happening has been going connected with the medication for years. This has been a large catalyst that has struck a nervus for a batch of us."

That tweaked nervus is the mounting of a movement, present thousands of radical deep, demanding the manager beryllium reinstated and imperishable changes beryllium made to the school's LGBTQ policies and practices.

"The biggest happening we request to interest astir is these kids and if they consciousness harmless astatine Benet Academy, and I bash not judge they do," Savell said.

The committee of directors met Monday nighttime connected the issue. The caput manager has not commented.

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