Democrats Reject Default Terrorist Mitch McConnell And Say Blood Will Be On GOP Hands

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Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) said that Democrats person nary program B, and if Mitch McConnell causes a default, the humor volition beryllium connected the GOP’s hands.


Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) says that Democrats won't backmost down connected the debt, and if the Republicans origin a default, "there is going to beryllium humor connected their hands."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 21, 2021

Rep. Speier said erstwhile asked if Democrats person a program B to debar a default, “No, determination can’t beryllium a program “B.” We’ve already incurred these debts. In fact, 27% of the indebtedness that has been created has been created by Donald Trump during his administration. Only 3% nether the Biden administration. The wealth that we walk connected the rescue plan, wherever we propped up businesses, we propped up people who were unemployed, that is all spent. Everyone supported it. We had 44 Republicans who supported that. So connected the 1 hand, they privation to support it, but past they don’t want to wage for it? I mean it is conscionable irresponsible, and we person to telephone them retired and make everyone alert of what this means to each azygous American if the Republicans spell through with this governmental game. “

Speier was asked what Democrats volition bash if Republicans don’t alteration their position.

She answered, “Well, determination is going to beryllium blood connected their hands. You volition spot the banal market plummet. You volition spot an summation successful interest rates. You’re going to spot Social Security recipients not receiving their checks, and we’ll point to the Republicans and say that this is the reckless behavior of Republicans who are so irresponsible they won’t even pay for thing that they have already voted for. “

Democrats Are Going To Make Republicans Own The Default

The indebtedness bounds isn’t a negotiation. Republicans aren’t asking for anything. They are going to ballot nary successful an enactment of economical coercion to effort to destruct the US economy.

It is axenic 2022 predetermination politics, and it volition backfire, conscionable similar it backfired connected Mitch McConnell erstwhile helium tried this 11 years ago. It backfired erstwhile Republicans unopen down the authorities for Trump arsenic the erstwhile president tried to extort wealth for his borderline wall.

If Republicans trigger a default, they volition ain it. Democrats volition marque definite of it, and the governmental terrorists successful the GOP volition beryllium made to pay.

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