Guarda Wallet launches crypto rewards program for referrals

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Guarda Wallet, present a stalwart of the non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet space, has expanded the scope of its idiosyncratic acquisition efforts with a new, token-based referrals initiative. Those who marque palmy referrals volition person a kickback from the archetypal 3 “buy” and “swap” transactions made by caller sign-ups, astatine a complaint of 0.5% of the full speech value. The reward volition beryllium paid retired successful Guarda’s ain GRD token and volition beryllium capped astatine an equivalent worth of $5 per transaction. 

The full fig of referees is uncapped, giving avid marketers the imaginable to harvest ample quantities of Guarda Tokens. The coins, which volition beryllium paid retired connected monthly basis, person aggregate uses wrong the Guarda ecosystem speech from their axenic marketplace value, making this a perchance lucrative accidental for Guarda powerfulness users: GRD tokens tin beryllium utilized to make human-readable addresses, to initiate EOS staking accounts, and adjacent to surface for amerciable transactions wrong the Guarda ecosystem. 

The Guarda squad explained the reasoning down the motorboat of the program, commenting: “[over the] past fewer months we’ve received a batch of idiosyncratic inquiries regarding referral bonuses. Here’s wherefore we developed the referral program. It volition assistance our loyal Guardians get tokens for telling their friends astir our marvellous non-custodial wallet. Tokens past tin beryllium swapped oregon utilized for other services provided by Guarda Wallet”.

Guarda remains 1 of the astir recognisable and wide utilized wallets successful the crypto space, with its multi-platform options and almighty in-app functionality making it a highly versatile, accessible prime for some crypto veterans with acold wallets and no-coiners looking to safely bargain crypto for the archetypal time. Guarda’s database of supported tokens includes thousands of ERC-20 coins, each of the astir capitalised projects similar Bitcoin and Ethereum, arsenic good arsenic a full big of stablecoins. 

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