Justice system failed 8-year-old killed, teen linked to shooting, say activists

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Posted: Jan 27, 2022 / 07:18 PM CST / Updated: Jan 27, 2022 / 07:18 PM CST

CHICAGO — Activists accidental they don’t privation Melissa Ortega’s decease to beryllium successful vain, and they’re calling for a betterment to the juvenile justness system. 

On Thursday, WGN News learned the 16-year-old charged with firing the changeable that killed 8-year-old Melissa was retired connected probation aft pleading blameworthy successful 2 carjackings.

Activists believe, helium too, is simply a unfortunate due to the fact that the strategy failed him, not intervening and deterring him from the way of crime. 

“There should person been immoderate assistance for this idiosyncratic and determination should person been immoderate assistance for his household earlier helium graduated to beryllium a murder,” assemblage activistic Andrew Holmes said.

Marvin Edwards, with 100 Men Standing, said the justness strategy should not proceed to merchandise repetition offenders, careless of their age.

“You cannot nonstop repetition offenders, due to the fact that they’re juveniles, backmost retired into the communities to proceed their terroristic ways,” Edwards said.

Activists privation authorities and section lawmakers to marque the laws tougher connected kids who perpetrate convulsive crimes. Some would adjacent similar to spot parents held liable erstwhile their children perpetrate crimes. They accidental it’s a drastic means to forestall different sidesplitting similar 8-year-old Melissa Ortega.


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