New Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut Trailer Reveals More About Iki Island

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A caller Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut trailer dives heavy into the dangers of Iki island, a caller playable country for fans of the samurai crippled to roam. This enlargement is exclusive to the Director's Cut, giving newcomers adjacent much of a crushed to leap in, arsenic good arsenic those that whitethorn person already completed Jin's journey. 

"If you’re a past buff, you whitethorn cognize that successful summation to Tsushima, the neighboring land of Iki was besides invaded during this clip period," said Sucker Punch erstwhile the Director's Cut was archetypal revealed. "We’re excited to uncover that a full caller section successful Jin’s travel is coming and volition instrumentality spot connected Iki. In this caller story, Jin travels to the land to analyse rumors of a Mongol presence. But soon, helium finds himself caught up successful events with profoundly idiosyncratic stakes that volition unit him to relive immoderate traumatic moments from his past."

Take a look astatine the latest video beneath to spot what awaits successful Iki island: 

Iki Island is the adjacent measurement for Jin's travel wherever helium discovers a mysterious Mongol people has begun to claw its mode into the island. Jin learns astir a Shaman called Ankhsar Khatun, which we witnesser successful the video above,  and astir her followers called the "eagles." The Shaman claims to predominate adjacent the souls of man, not conscionable the nations they run, which proves to beryllium Jin's top situation yet. To look this caller threat, Jin indispensable question to Iki Island, though past traumas guarantee that this escapade is thing but creaseless sailing. 

The caller enlargement comes with caller armor for Jin, caller equine armor, mini-games, warring techniques, enemies, environments, and adjacent caller mapping options. For the trophy hunters retired there, the Director's Cut volition see caller earnable trophies, arsenic well. 

For those who person already completed the escapade of Ghost of Tsushima connected the PlayStation 4, Sucker Punch promises that save transfers from the PS4 to the PS5 are doable, truthful it'll beryllium casual to dive close successful spot immoderate of the caller features for yourself.  Enhancements include Dual Sense haptic feedback and 3D audio, arsenic good arsenic 60 FPS targeted framerates. 

Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut is disposable to pre-order now, with a afloat merchandise slated for August 20, 2021. 

Are you excited for what Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut has to offer? What facet of Iki land has your attraction the most? Sound disconnected with your thoughts successful the remark conception below! 

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