New Lincoln Project Ad Pushes All Of Trump’s Buttons And Blows Up Glenn Youngkin’s VA Plan

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In a  caller ad, The Lincoln Project drove a elephantine wedge done Glenn Youngkin’s program to some clasp Trump and support him retired of Virginia.

The advertisement is titled “Ungrateful:”

The advertisement talks straight to Trump and says that Glenn Youngkin thinks helium is simply a loser and is embarrassed by him. The advertisement closes by telling Trump that Youngkin is “just different RINO stabbing you successful the back.”

The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson said successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA, “During the primary, and successful definite parts of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin was arsenic large a instrumentality of Donald Trump arsenic anyone, but present that it’s clip to adjacent the woody with Virginians, Youngkin is begging the erstwhile president to enactment away, This dynamic is typical of today’s Republican Party: Court Trump and his basal to triumph the superior and past tally distant from the MAGA satellite arsenic accelerated arsenic possible. Our connection to Trump with this advertisement is simple: You’re being played.”

The Virginia gubernatorial predetermination is close, possibly not arsenic adjacent arsenic a tie, due to the fact that an unusual quirk of polling successful the authorities has a past of undercounting Democratic support, but is it close, truthful an advertisement similar this 1 that reminds Virginia voters who enactment Trump that Youngkin is trying to person it some ways is precise clever.

In an predetermination that mightiness travel down to a constituent oregon two, the Lincoln Project’s advertisement could marque the quality betwixt Virginia being led by Terry McAuliffe oregon a mini-Trump.

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