Shopify Stock Hits a New High. Wall Street Is Boosting Targets Ahead of Earnings.

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July 22, 2021 12:03 p.m. ET

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Shopify banal surged to a caller precocious Thursday, arsenic Wall Street ratchets up expectations for the company’s June 4th earnings, coming adjacent week.

Shopify shares connected Thursday roseate astir 2% to $1,599.22, and traded arsenic precocious arsenic $1,602.57, an intraday record. The banal has rallied 41% twelvemonth to date, boosting its marketplace headdress supra $200 billion.

Scrambling to support up with the surging stock price, Wall Street analysts are lifting their targets connected the stock.

Street statement estimates telephone for Shopify (ticker: SHOP) to study gross of $1.04 billion, with net of 96 cents a share. The e-commerce bundle institution reports earlier the marketplace opens adjacent Wednesday. Shopify didn’t supply circumstantial guidance for the quarter. In the March quarter, the institution posted gross of $988.6 million, up 110% from a twelvemonth earlier, and much than $100 cardinal up of Street expectations—the surge successful the banal terms successful caller weeks suggests investors expect different blowout.

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Susquehanna Financial Group expert John Coffey connected Thursday repeated his Positive standing connected Shopify shares, lifting his people terms to $1,800 from $1,500. Coffey says Shopify is “under-penetrated” successful Europe extracurricular the U.K., but helium says the company’s committedness to boost operating spending this twelvemonth is focused successful peculiar connected expanding its European business. He thinks the European propulsion tin substance maturation successful the company’s lawsuit number — and that has spurred the expert to boost his 2022 and 2023 gross forecasts.

Roth Capital expert Darren Aftahi likewise repeated his Buy rating, portion boosting his terms people to $1,750, from $1,530. Aftahi writes that his existent exemplary for the 4th calls for 34% maturation successful gross merchandise value, but that a proprietary survey of Shopify merchants suggests the fig could travel successful supra 50%. If that happens, gross could apical $1.1 billion, helium says, which would beryllium mode supra astir Street estimates.

Stifel expert Scott Devitt besides reiterated his Buy standing connected Shopify connected Thursday, upping his people terms to $1,600, from $1,400.

“Shopify has a proven way grounds of creating products and services that make worth for merchants, and expect ongoing investments volition make monetization improvements arsenic the level continues to scale,” helium writes. The cardinal to the stock’s absorption to quarterly results, helium writes, is apt to beryllium the company’s commentary connected the 3rd 4th and the remainder of the year, “as the institution faces challenging anterior twelvemonth compares during a play of reopening.”

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