Suburban high school teachers pulls best from students in the classroom, badminton court

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NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Heather Schild wears galore hats astatine her schoolhouse and wants to beryllium a stabilizing unit for students.

She is WGN News’ Teacher of the Month for January 2022.

At Naperville North High School, Mrs. Schild oversees adjacent tutoring and enactment opportunities. She spends portion of the time teaching students who are learning English and besides coaches varsity badminton.

Schild has been astatine the schoolhouse for 16 years. When she was successful precocious school, Schild knew precisely what she wanted to do.

“I was a ace nerd successful precocious school. I knew I wanted to beryllium a precocious schoolhouse English teacher since I was a freshman oregon sophomore and I would inquire for other handouts truthful I could support 1 successful my folder for erstwhile I was a teacher,” Schild said.

She inactive has immoderate of those materials successful her basement, but her lessons spell beyond academics.

I don’t cognize anyone volition retrieve what a gerund is oregon a dangling modifier oregon you cognize thing similar that,” Schild said. “But I bash cognize they volition astir apt retrieve however I treated them and the civilization and assemblage we established by moving unneurotic and however we worth each idiosyncratic that’s successful the country with america whether its for a athletics oregon successful a classroom.”

Shannon Xu, a inferior astatine Naperville North, nominated Schild for Teacher of the Month.

“I travel up and spot her mundane she makes maine laughter and I conscionable emotion her truthful much,” she said.

They archetypal met done badminton, but Xu said Mrs. Schild’s endless support, feedback and mentorship has helped her physique confidence. For the archetypal time, she was a consecutive A pupil past semester.

Award sponsor Ankin Law presented Schild with a $1,000 cheque for the school.

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