Warner names 'frontrunner' to win Ashes spot

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Superstar batsman David Warner has declared Will Pucovski the "frontrunner" to unfastened the batting alongside him erstwhile the Ashes bid gets underway successful December.

After undergoing reconstructive country connected his injured close shoulder, Pucovski is nearing a instrumentality for Victoria astatine Sheffield Shield level.

The 23-year-old's instrumentality was pushed backmost after a concussion during grooming earlier this month.

Pucovski had a Test debut to retrieve last summertime erstwhile helium scored 62 against India successful January conscionable earlier his enarthrosis injury.

Will Pucovski (Getty)

But with the experienced Marcus Harris good successful the premix and seasoned Usman Khawaja who has been successful signifier precocious for Queensland, Warner admits selectors volition person plentifulness to consider.

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"I made a remark past twelvemonth astir Joe Burns, that it was myself wanting Joe Burns... it's not the case," helium told 2GB's Wide World of Sports radio.

"For me, it's astir giving opportunities to radical who merit those opportunities.

"I deliberation determination are 2 guys astatine the infinitesimal that are sitting determination waiting, that's Will Pucovski and Marcus Harris.

"There is evidently speech astir Usman Khawaja, helium scored a bully 150 recently, a elder player."

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But fixed Pucovski's acquisition earlier this year, Warner has labelled him the favourite to onshore the opening gig.

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"There are opportunities determination for the selectors to prime who they want," helium added.

"Given Pucovski got injured and helium was successful the team, I deliberation helium is the frontrunner astatine this stage."

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