Young gun's horror injury after breakout game

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The Canberra Raiders person been deed with a brutal wounded stroke to young prima Xavier Savage, who has been ruled retired for the remainder of the season.

Savage, who was playing successful conscionable his 3rd NRL crippled astatine fullback connected the weekend, gave Canberra fans a glimpse of what's to travel successful the future arsenic the Raiders kept their finals hopes live with a triumph implicit the Sharks.

The 19-year-old during the lucifer produced a starring relation with 246 tally metres, 9 tackle-breaks, 2 line-breaks and a effort to his name, and did it each contempt suffering a enarthrosis wounded during the 2nd half.

While Savage played connected and remained hopeful aft the crippled that the wounded was lone minor, it's since been confirmed pursuing scans that helium volition necessitate country and miss the remainder of the season.

Xavier Savage of the Raiders (Getty)

"The wounded to the AC associated successful his enarthrosis is worse than archetypal hoped and helium volition necessitate country which volition spot him miss the remainder of the 2021 season," a nine connection said.

It's a cruel stroke for the teen prima who was lauded for keeping the Raiders successful the crippled past play during the important moments successful the match.

"You've got to say, a prima is calved here," Andrew Voss said connected commentary for Fox League astatine the time.

"The X-factor, Xavier Savage. Sensational! We're watching a kid acceptable the stadium alight."

Young Raider's brilliance sets up try

The nine besides confirmed duo Jack Wighton and Elliott Whitehead volition request astatine slightest 1 much week to retrieve from their respective injuries.

"Jack Wighton (Ribs) and Elliott Whitehead (Shoulder) volition beryllium unavailable for enactment this week aft it was decided to springiness them an other week to retrieve from their injuries," the nine revealed.

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